Yes, it does sound too good to be true. A professional website for only $500? How can they do that?

We have a careful process so we can collect your information and design and develop your website as quickly and efficiently as possible.

As soon as you order your site, we get to work. Here’s how the process goes:

Congratulations! You invested in your businesses by purchasing a $500 Website!

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Next, Two Things:

We send you our super special website questionnaire so we can get acquainted with your needs and preferences.

Completing the questionnaire is the most crucial step in the entire process. Without your input, we can’t make you a website! 

Don’t worry, we’ll pester you endlessly until it’s completed. 

We start laying the groundwork for your site.

Every website begins as one of our carefully developed website “skeletons.” It’s a bit like the website version of Genesis Bomb from Star Trek, but instead of an oxygen-rich atmosphere, we’re creating the conditions for tons of clicks and views.

And then we wait.

You complete and submit your website questionnaire.

There may be some follow-up with you at this point, so our first attempt at your website will hit close to the mark.

When we have this information is where our fun begins…

We have a look at your content, at your preferences, your competition, your current website, and start to design and develop your website’s content.

We design for a comfortable and easy user experience, focused on your needs – regular places to sign up for a quote if you’re looking for leads, straightforward and search-friendly pages to detail your services, or easily navigable archives for information-heavy blogs.

With a plan and a design, it’s a short order to load in and mould your content into a rough version of your final website.

There may be additional follow-up at this stage as well to request content or clarification if needed. It’s common for us to find an altogether unconsidered opportunity for your website in this phase of development, and we may need your input.

The Gloss

We take a lot of pride in our rough drafts – and downright brag about how quickly we can fine-tune them.

This is our last step before you see your website for the first time, so we’re making sure it will stand up to scrutiny.

Then you take a look.

And then we ask that you take a day, take another look, and send us your feedback.

Don’t pull any punches; we can take it. But be ready for our counterpoints for the parts of your website that we don’t want to budge on. At the end of the day, it’s your decision, but there’s little in a website we haven’t given thought to.

The Back-And-Forth

Here’s where we work together to get your website where you want it.

With your feedback, we make changes to the look and feel of your website as we can, and explain other choices and restrictions we have, and how those serve your website’s ultimate purpose.

We can fit roughly two rounds of revisions (defined as five or more changes on three pages or more) into every $500 website, and are willing to accommodate most other minor changes.

Final Approval

This isn’t really a step – it appears naturally out of the back and forth. Consensus is found, and we submit your website to you for final approval.

At this point, we won’t make any further changes to the website. It’s done, and it’s time to figure out what to do with it.

Ideally, we’ve asked you about this before.

Now that your website is done, you need a place to put it. If you currently have website hosting, we can provide a backup for you to install on your current host, or install it for you for an additional fee.

To get the most bang for your buck, we also provide hosting and maintenance services, so you can keep up with your website easily and affordably.

Our plans include … … …, and support, which includes a few hours of miscellaneous web services every month. Making changes to your website is as easy as sending us a message.